BlackPink Rose’s solo album surpassed 100 million views at once

BlackPink Rose’s solo album surpassed 100 million views at once

Black Pink Rose’s solo album title song ‘On the Ground’ reached No. 1 on the Billboard Global Chart. According to YG Entertainment, the dance performance video of Rosé’s solo album title song’On The Ground’ exceeded 10 million views on YouTube at 11 pm on the 24th.

Rosé's expression in thought

‘On the ground’ meaning

The agency introduced the meaning of On the Ground as a song that contained lyrics that always looked at a higher place, but the important value was in me. Rosée’s favorite song from’On the Ground’ is as follows. ‘I’ve worked hard every day toward high places all my life. But what I needed most was not the highest place, but the lowest place.’ “I’ve also been running toward my dream day by day since I was a trainee. I felt that these lyrics express me a lot.”

On the Ground Album's Jacket Photo

Popularity on YouTube

The music video of’On The Ground’, which ranked first on YouTube 24 hours and the most watched video in a week, is also on a steady rise. Currently, this music video is recording about 116 million views on YouTube, and if this trend is the case, K-pop female solo artist is expected to exceed 200 million views in the shortest period. In addition, Rosé’s choreography video is also garnering a lot of attention, exceeding 10 million views.

Rose with a black and white background in the music video

Rosé’s album sales figures

‘On The Ground’ sound source reached the top of the iTunes Top Song Chart in 51 countries, including the United States, and ranked first on the Billboard Global 200 chart in the United States, which ranks based on streaming and sales volume collected in over 200 regions around the world. In addition, it was ranked as the highest ranking K-pop female soloist (70th) in’Billboard Hot 100 (70th)’ and UK official singles Top 100 (43th).

On the Ground of Rosé, who placed No. 1 on the Billboard Global Chart 200

The album division, which had reached 500,000 copies in pre-order, is also a record level. Rosé’s solo album’R’, which was officially released on March 16, has an initial record (sales for a week after release) totaling 444,089 copies. It is the sum of only CD and KiT albums, excluding limited-edition LPs, so total sales are expected to continue to increase.

Rose’s solo album impressions

All the members cheered one by one. Jenny made a bracelet with my puppy’s name and gave her a gift. Her sister Jisoo liked her like her job. She said she was so happy. She cheered me, saying,’Do whatever you want to do in this activity’. She also told Lisa that the quality of Rosé’s album was good.

Rosé with blonde hair in the music video

When asked how She wants fans to remember Her’s first solo album, She said, “This is an album that honestly introduces me as I am. I realized and sympathized with many things while preparing for this album. I hope that the fans will also sympathize and receive comfort. In particular, Blink I hope people like it,” She said.

Rosé Is Singing

Rosé ended up saying, “I was miss because I couldn’t meet my fans, and I think everyone is going through a difficult time. I hope the day will come when we can see each other’s faces soon after this difficult time. Take care of everyone’s health and be strong. Be a better musician. I will repay you,” She said.

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Rose’s solo album On the ground MV

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