BTS Boy with Luv surpassed 1.2 billion YouTube views

BTS Boy with Luv surpassed 1.2 billion YouTube views

The group BTS’s’Dynamite’ music video and BTS Boy with Luv reached 1 billion views.

BTS Dynamite 1 billion

BTS’ digital single’Dynamite’ music video has exceeded 1 billion YouTube views at 5:46 pm on the 12th. ‘Dynamite’ achieved 1 billion views for the third time, following’DNA’, which exceeded 1.2 billion views in BTS’ music videos, and’Boy With Luv’ (Feat. Halsey) of 1.1 billion views. After recording 900 million views on the 10th of the month, it showed off its explosive popularity, adding an additional 100 million views in about a month.

The’Dynamite’ music video, which was released at the end of August last year, was unveiled and at the same time exceeded 3 million users, setting the record for the most viewed YouTube premier music video ever. In addition, 3 records were recognized by Guinness World Records in the UK:’Most Watched YouTube Video in 24 Hours’,’Most Watched YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours’, and’Most Watched YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours among K-Pop Groups’. .

‘Dynamite’ is a healing song unique to BTS that aims to deliver a message of hope in times when everyone has a hard time with Corona 19, and is a bright and exciting disco pop genre song. ‘Dynamite’, which reached the top of’Hot 100′ for two weeks in a row on the US Billboard’Hot 100′ chart (as of September 5), remained on the’Hot 100′ chart even though it has been almost eight months since its release. It also broke the record, the longest chart of a Korean singer. In particular, BTS won the ‘2021 Grammy Awards’ with this song, followed by a solo performance at the awards ceremony, establishing itself as a ’21st Century Pop Icon’.

BTS Boy With Luv 1.2billion

The music video for group BTS”Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’ surpassed 1.2 billion views.


The title song `Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey) MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” released in April 2019 was viewed on YouTube on the morning of the 15th. It exceeded 1.2 billion cases around 9:48. With this, BTS will have the second 1.2 billion views music video in two months after’DNA’, which exceeded the first 1.2 billion views.

‘Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’, featured by world-renowned singer Halsey, attracted attention as a feature, is a song that talks about the interest and love for you and the joy of small, simple love. Immediately after its release, this song entered the 8th place on the US Billboard main single chart’Hot 100′ and entered the chart for 8 consecutive weeks. Even though it has been released for more than two years in Korea, it remains at the top of major music charts and is in’long run’.

The music video for’Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’ catches the attention of BTS’s cheerful performances on colorful sets such as theaters, stages, street lights and bright streets. In the music video featuring Halsey, who participated in the feature, attracted attention, the last group dance scene with dozens of dancers and breathing resembles a musical film.

BTS Dynamite

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