BTS decide to together enlist?

BTS decide to together enlist?

Recently, there has been news that BTS has decided to enlist with them in order to fulfill their obligations in the defense of the Republic of Korea. It has not yet been revealed whether it is true. Under the current laws of the Republic of Korea, they must fulfill their national defense duties, and BTS is no exception.

Is BTS really going to the army?

First of all, it seems difficult to avoid BTS’ military enlistment. Korea is seriously against the fact that celebrities do not have the military, and in fact, many of the celebrities avoid the military and news comes out. In the case of BTS, there are talks about giving an exemption to the representative idol group that has promoted the national prestige in Korea.

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The bill, which has been revised to date due to the issue of enlisting in the BTS army, allows military enlistment to be postponed until the age of 30. Therefore, it seems difficult for BTS to avoid enlisting in the military at the moment, and it has expressed its position to faithfully carry out BTS military service.

How to reduce the gap

When the members of the BTS join the military, it may take at least 5 years to come back as a complete member because the ages of the members are different. The way to reduce the gap as much as possible is to enlist.

Currently, the most promising plan is to postpone the enlistment period by 5 years so that the eldest brother Jin, born in 1992, can join the enlistment with the youngest Jungkook. According to this plan, Suga, born in 1993, leader RM/J-Hope, born in 1994, Jimin and V, born in 1995, will also go to the army when the youngest Jungkook enlists.

First priority is Jin

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Jin enlist

If BTS enlists separately, Jin, the oldest member, is expected to enlist first. BTS’ eldest brother Jin said at the conference that day, “As I said, if there is a call from the country, I will always respond.”

What is the meaning of military enlistment in Korea?

The Republic of Korea can get military exemption by winning a medal at Olympiad or a gold medal at the Asian Games. The reason why he received the military exemption for such special matters is the reason that it was promoted to Korea. Therefore, what is currently controversial is that BTS, although it is not an athletic event, achieved an exceptional success in the Korean K-POP field, such as No. 1 on the Billboard Chart.

Photos of Korean soldiers being trained
Korean soilder

But this is the cautious part. Virtually all men in South Korea hate to go to the military. Nevertheless, it is a duty of national defense, so it is true that military immunity benefits are given only when it is practiced and is truly unusual. It seems that there will be many amendments if a bill for BTS’ military immunity is initiated.

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