Korean Thriller Movie ‘I SAW THE DEVIL’ REVIEW

Korean Thriller Movie ‘I SAW THE DEVIL’ REVIEW

The movie to be reviewed today is , starring Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik. Previously, in the review of , he said he loves Leonardo DiCaprio, but among Korean actors, Lee Byung-hun likes it. It’s because they act too well. This film is a film by director Kim Ji-woon that depicts the ongoing action confrontation between psychopath Choi Min-sik and detective Lee Byung-hun. It is a work that I think is the most thriller and grotesque expression of director Kim Ji-woon’s works.

The NIS security agent “Soo-hyun (Lee Byung-hun)” pledges the most painful revenge with a feeling of self-destruction and anger that he could not protect the person most important to him when Joo-yeon, his fiancee, was brutally murdered.

Suhyun finds out that the serial killer “Jang Gyeong-cheol (Minsik Choi)” is the culprit, inflicts mortal pain and releases them repeatedly, and begins a terrible punishment. However, the killer Jang Gyeong-cheol, who is more vicious than the devil, enjoys the appearance of an equal opponent he has met for the first time in his life, and begins to fight back, and the dire fight continues.

The interesting thing about is the fresh character. A character that may seem a little overwhelming is expressed in an overwhelming direction. Lee Byung-hun’s character, Soo-hyun, changes over time, Choi Min-sik’s psychopath character, and Kim Moo-sung’s character are truly evil feasts.

The title may be creepy when you look at it again in relation to the character. This part will be reviewed more below. Lee Byung-hun’s revenge is different from general revenge. Of course, you can convince yourself of any revenge for the murderer of your beloved fiancé, but you pain enough to kill, release, kill again, release, and repeat this action constantly.

As Lee Byung-hun’s revenge continues, Choi Min-sik is embarrassed at first, but he feels more and more joyful. And I think that I will do my best to respond to Lee Byung-hun’s revenge. Lee Byung-hun destroys Choi Min-sik’s body without reason. Then where will Minsik Choi aim?

It destroys Lee Byung-hun’s heart and mind. In that way, I kill Lee Byung-hun’s father-in-law and his sister-in-law. Then, Minsik Choi surrenders to the police. In this case, Lee Byung-hun’s revenge will end anti-force, and the loss of his family will remain. Lee Byung-hun, who feels that everything will be over when Choi Min-sik enters the police, kidnaps Choi Min-sik right before his arrest and leads him to the place where Choi Min-sik killed women. Choi Min-sik’s body was already ruined, and Lee Byung-hun’s spirit was ruined.

What did Lee Byung-hun want to gain by doing this? In fact, there was an emphasis on revenge itself, but in the final moment, you may have expected Choi Min-sik’s sincere repentance and apology. What kind of answer did Minsik Choi give? Lee Byung-hun finally leaves the field after making Choi Min-sik die in the hands of his family.

After that, Lee Byung-hun sobbed as he walked around the street. It seems to be laughing at the moment. Then we cry again. You can feel both sadness and joy in Lee Byung-hun’s last expression, who finished revenge for the loss of a loved one. Looking back to the title of , who is the devil you saw? Is it just Minsik Choi, the villain? I felt that I saw a devil even from Lee Byung-hun’s increasingly becoming a devil.

When the character is simply divided into good and evil, Lee Byung-hun can be seen as good and Choi Min-sik as evil. But as time goes by, can I see Lee Byung-hun only as the reverse of good? The question arises. We and most of the people around us can often be seen as the reverse of goodwill like Lee Byung-hun. However, the director seems to have wanted to tell us through Suhyun’s character that everyone has a terrible evil lurking behind goodness. I saw the demons. I will finish the movie review. Thank you

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