IU Comeback in 4 years with 5th album LILAC

IU Comeback in 4 years with 5th album LILAC

Finally, IU Comeback in 4 years with 5th album LILAC. Especially when she welcomes her last full album in her twenties Her memories of the 20s and the IU is also her own compositions and lyrics of this album, and her countenance beams express as her singer-songwriter

IU picture with the petals are flying

LILAC Album Description

The album was released in two types,’BYLAC’ and’HILAC’. On the day of the album’s release, he said on a live broadcast on Naver Now. Told.

Albums where songs of various genres coexist are rich in colors. It is bright and cheerful from the title song’Lilac’ that opens the beginning.

HILAC album cover pictures

IU is for ‘Lilac’ in Lucknow Naver broadcast “in the midst of implementing a funky disco sound and the sound of the 70-80’s captured the feeling of IU” and “track itself is very rhythmic melodies are hanging together like petals Shara rhythm jjondeuk “Do it”.

Another title song,’Coin’, is the first to show rap since its debut.

Collaboration with new artists such as Na-eul, who composed’Goodbye Spring’, Lee Chan-hyuk Lee, who worked with’Eupoo’, and Dean (DEAN), who participated in the lyrics and composition of’Dollim Song’ and featuring, is also noticeable.

IU 5TH Album song list

Critics reaction

One critic said, “’Coin’ is a very cool song with the groove of the bass. This contrasts with the use of modern electronic dance music in’Celebrity’ that sometimes seems aggressive. It can be seen that we tried to melt the sensuous sound into the line of popularity.”

BILAC album cover pictures

River and about, the intrinsic and caustic, whispering and the inside diameter of the split sound so step 24, a sound like delicate neungranhan singing IU of topical dip in sepil has now reached the state.

Where the explosive highs and dreamlike hapchangbu IU harmony “My kids Sea” is dramatic enough to be even now written in the Disney theme.

The jazz-style lazy arrangement in “Epilogue,” created with indie singer-songwriters Kim Soo-young and Su-min, seems to have popped out of the movie “Shape of Water.”

IU donated 100 million

IU is for the 25 days own name and fan club yuae 50 million won for, deaf to the corporation ‘linker’ to ‘IU Anna’ names plus me to the emergency cost of living support and self-reliance activities for youth single-parent families corporation ‘s love It is known that each donation of 50 million won to’Snail’.

Certificate pictures IU, IU fan club and embellish donations to youth single-parent families

Contributions by the IU kwaecheok 2020 amounted to 1 billion won only known. With constant donations and good deeds, it is not only an example of many, but also warmth.

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