BTS J-HOPE’s sister Jung Ji-woo’s wedding announcement

BTS J-HOPE’s sister Jung Ji-woo’s wedding announcement

There was news that Jung Ji-woo, the sister of BTS J-Hope, is getting married. The due date is set for May next month, and it is a hot topic because it is the wedding of the world-famous group BTS J-Hope family.

Jiwoo Ji-Woo Holding Cosmetics

About Jung Ji-woo

Ji-woo Ji-woo is BTS J-Hope’s sister, and is currently working as a representative director and influencer of internet shopping malls, fashion companies, and eyewear brands. She recently signed her exclusive contract with the entertainment agency Cube Entertainment, and there is an opinion that she is following her younger brother to make her debut in the entertainment world.

However, it hasn’t shown any obvious entertainment activities yet, and it is presumed to be due to YouTuber activities. Jiwoo Jiwoo is active on the YouTube channel, MEJIWOO, and is a large YouTuber with 1.17 million subscribers. She even revealed the news of her marriage to Jung Ji-woo through a YouTube channel, and also uploaded a video of her marriage process.

Marriage partner Jung Ji-woo

Jung Ji-woo is taking a pictorial

It is known that the marriage partner of BTS J-Hope’s sister Jung Ji-woo is a non-celebrity. In her interview of her marriage partner, she said, “The love of work and the inclination to be independent are similar.” She expressed gratitude for the other person, saying, “Because I am a person with a tendency similar to me, I think I will live a life similar to what I am after marriage.”

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