Joint Security Area Korean movie REVIEW

Joint Security Area Korean movie REVIEW

Hello, the movie to be recommended and reviewed today is the’Joint Security Area’. The original work of this film is the original work of Park Sang-yeon’s DMZ, and director Park Chan-wook moved it to the screen. The novel DMZ is made into a’joint security area’ and later into a musical, showing that a good original novel creates a lot of cultural content. The actors who appeared in the work consisted of super luxurious casts as Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-gyun, Lee Young-ae, and Kim Tae-woo.

Joint Security Area Awards

Lee Byung-hun in military uniform Song Kang-ho Shin Ha-gyun

In addition, this film mobilized 5.83 million viewers nationwide, and won the Busan Film Critics Association Award in 2000, the Best Actor Award, Cinematographer Award, and the Chunsa Film Arts Festival Best Work Award, in six categories, and the Blue Dragon Film Festival Best Work Award in 5 categories, 2001. He was invited to the competition section at the Berlin International Film Festival, won the Grand Prize at the Deauville Asia Film Festival, and received the Special Jury Award at the Seattle Film Festival.

Joint security Area Story

Actor Song Kang-ho who kidnapped Lee Byung-hun

A North Korean guard (Shin Ha-gyun) was shot and killed at a guard post on the north side of the bridge that does not return within the Panmunjom Joint Security Area. After the incident, North Korea made different arguments due to a surprise attack by South Korea, and by North Korea’s kidnapping theory. The South and North Korea dramatically agreed to undertake the investigation in cooperation with the chief investigator of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission consisting of Switzerland and Sweden under working-level cooperation between the two Koreas.

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Young-ae appearing in the joint security area

The Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission dispatches Sophie (Lee Young-ae), a Korean-Swissian from the Zurich Law School, and a major of the military intelligence team as the chief investigator. Sophie, who was born and entered Korea for the first time, struggles from the very beginning of her investigation due to the refusal of extradition of the suspects and the uncooperative attitude of the authorities in both the south and the north.

Lee Byung-hun wearing a military police cap

It is difficult to meet Sergeant Lee Soo-hyuk (by Lee Byung-hun) of South Korea and Sergeant Oh Gyeong-pil (played by Song Kang-ho) of North Korea to hear the circumstances of the case, but they repeat only contradictory statements and the investigation gradually falls into a labyrinth.

Role of Interrogated Lee Byung-hun and Lee Su-hyuk

In the meantime, she feels suspicious at the statement of Private Male-style (played by Kim Tae-woo), the first witness of the incident, and expands the investigation to the surrounding people. Sophie continues to face difficulties due to the conspiracy of the upper divisions of the North and South Korea to conceal and reduce the case, the suspects in extreme confusion, and the lukewarm investigation by the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. Gradually, you get closer to the truth.

Actors aiming guns at each other

In the meantime, male-sik, fearing that the whole picture of the incident will be revealed, suddenly attempts suicide by committing himself. With this incident, the upper organization revealed that Sophie’s father was a People’s Army who fought in the Korean War in the past, and ordered the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission to notify Sophie’s dismissal of the investigation authority. Why did Sergeant Lee Soo-hyuk, a South Korean soldier, shoot a North Korean super soldier? Why did the first witness, a male private person, attempt suicide? And, what is Sergeant Oh Gyeong-pil of North Korea hiding? She makes her last attempt to uncover her truth.

The story begins when Sophie comes to the chief investigator. At first, the North and South side argue against each other, and after the film progresses to some extent, the truth in the joint security area comes out. As the film progresses, the friendship between Lee Soo-hyuk, Oh Kyung-pil, and Jeong Woo-jin, a male-style man, grows stronger. They forget the identities of South Korea and North Korea, and become friendly with each other. At the end of the movie, their friendship is put to the test. Curiously, as the film progresses, I go beyond the idea of ​​South Korea and North Korea and fall into friendship between them, and I am naturally impressed by the way they are for each other. Each character’s final choice leaves a deep lingering impression on the audience.

Actors with a happy appearance

Although it was released in 2000, it was reopened in 2015 in recognition of its operability. It seems that it is enough to watch the wonderful acting collaboration of actors named Byeong-hun Lee, Young-ae Lee, Ha-gyun Shin, Tae-woo Kim, and Kang-ho Song in Korea, as well as great content. I will finish the movie review and movie recommendation for the’Joint Security Area’.

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