k pop reverse Myth Bravegirls Rollin

k pop reverse Myth Bravegirls Rollin

In terms of the group itself, it took about 10 years from the date of its formation. The members of Brave Girls were also replaced, and they had a long unknown time for 5 years. To Brave Girls (Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, Yuna) who wrote a “reverse running myth,” which has been unprecedented in the history of the music industry after that time, the phrase “joy comes after hardships” fits very well.

Rollin’s popularity began in the military

On February 28, the rediscovery of the consolation performance of the military unit made their return to miraculous activities with the song ‘Rollin’ in 2017, which swept the No. 1 music site in Korea in just a week. We arewondering when something I couldn’t think of, and I said that I want to be a support to the idols who are leading the age of obscurity like us.. The Sunday Newspaper met Brave Girls members in person on the 8th, who are having a dream-like time. The following is one question and one answer.

On February 28th, Brave Girls’ song ‘Rollin’, which was rumored through a YouTube video four years ago, wrote “Reverse Driving Myth,” which occupies No. 1 on all music charts in Korea within a week.

―Finally, as of March 6,’Rollin’ took first place on the Melon real-time music chart. Did you expect this to happen when the reverse run started?

Yoojung: What we always wanted was to chart-in in Melon. I thought it would be nice if I only charted in once, but I never thought of winning first place.

Minyoung: In fact, any singer dreams of charting in, but a group like us couldn’t even imagine that. My dream was to just enter the chart, but after seeing Bugs and Genie, followed by Melon, I thought,’Is my dream really real?’.

―March 7th is just 4 years since’Rollin’ was released again. Even if it’s a coincidence, I think you’ll feel new. What was your family or friends’ reaction to this reverse run?

1st place in The Music chart

Yoojung: When I was with my mom, I saw a chart-in and I loved it. I was so happy that I was so thrilled that I cried, but when I saw that, my mom cried. In fact, the first place itself doesn’t seem to be important to my mother. I’ve been feeling so droopy and struggling, and I’ve been sitting depressed at home all day long, suffering from a group abolition crisis, and seeing that, how did my parents feel… .

Minyoung: My family was more pleased and contacted me. Also, the boss of our brave brother, who is like another parent to us (laughs)! The boss didn’t contact me first, but he contacted me first. By capturing the chart-in yourself and using KakaoTalk, ‘Did you see this too?’ (laughs). Our boss must have done a lot of hard work as well. Brave Girls was the first group in Brave Entertainment… . Wouldn’t we be able to straighten your boss’ shoulders now?

Yuna: I got a lot of contact with my friends. When my friends always say’what are you doing’,’I’m just staying at home’, and when asked about the album plan, they answered that I don’t know yet. It’s so good.’ ‘It’s really rewarding to have such a hard time. I really don’t know about people’ and cheered me. I said to my friends,’Hey, now I’ve become a little proud friend’ (laughs). Thank you so much that my friends liked me more.

On February 28th, it was announced to the public through the “Comment Collection Video” of the YouTube channel “Video”. In the video, the scene where soldiers imitated the choreography of “Rollin” appealed to the public with a different comic from the song. Photo = Reporter Lim Joon-seon

Eunji: When you go to a relative’s house on holidays or like this,’What is Eunji doing these days, why isn’t she on the air?’… . Actually, my grandfather and grandmother started watching music programs like’Music Bank’. To see if I come out. So, when I heard such a story, my shoulders became heavy, but he said that he was very happy after listening to the chart reversing this time (laughs).

Soldier’s Queen Bravegirls

―Brave Girls was so popular with male fans that it was called ‘the military president’, but in this case of ‘Rollin’, female fans steadily showed a desire that ‘I hope this song will run in reverse’. Thanks to that, I think this result was achieved through the ‘great integration’ of male and female fans.

Minyoung: Actually, we had a small fandom, and I am very, very happy to hear that female fans like us very much this time. All of the members wanted female fans, but we are a group with a friendly charm like the sister next door. We’ll do’Sister’, so we ask for your continued interest and love (laughs).

―I cannot fail to mention the YouTube channel that triggered the rediscovery of’Rollin’. The commentary video of ‘Viditer’ was the starting point. What was the situation when the video became an issue for the first time?

Yuna: Within a few hours after the video was uploaded, a fan sent us that there was something like this. When I saw it in bed and woke up later, I saw a lot of comments (laughs). At that time, I just said, ‘Ah, it’s fun,’ but as it spreads, people around me get in touch…

It was another weekend, so I couldn’t get in touch with the people of the company, but after the March 1st, I was very surprised with the people of the company, ‘What the hell is going on?’

Minyoung: Actually, this happened overnight, so I’m not sure how to react. First of all, I want to give a big bow to the video editor (laughs). We’re keeping in touch to see you, but we haven’t heard from you yet, so I’d love to see you. I’d like to serve you even a meal, but please contact me (laughs).

Bravegirls twitter – https://twitter.com/bravegirls_

Yoo-jung’s “steamed laugh” also became a hot topic at the military consolation performance. The picture is the result of analyzing Yoojung’s expression in the video. Photo

―In that video, the scene of soldiers imitating the scarecrow dance and stingray dance also appealed to the public in a comical way.

Minyoung: Can’t you see Yoojung’s’steamed laughter’ (laugh).

Yoojung: Actually, there is a secret to making such a laugh appear at the scene. On stage, I’m only one person, and I’m going to show him everything. So I pick the person who has the most reaction, and then I give him a stage where he shows everything from singing and dancing expressions.

―It was another issue that soldiers who watched the ‘Rollin’ stage themselves during the military service told the story of the Baeknyeongdo performance.

It was a small story that it took 12 hours to go out to Seoul, so I took pictures of all the soldiers who had to go out at dawn and saw them off.

Minyoung: I’m embarrassed to say that it’s a small story, but in fact, I’m very grateful for asking a group with low awareness like us to take a picture. It’s a word that fills our morale.

Yoojung: It’s something we should rather do’Would you like to take a picture with us?’ (laughs). If you ask me to take a picture like that, I will wake up and give me a sign (laughs) with a little ‘Hey, maybe we did a show’

Eunji: When you enter Baengnyeongdo, you can’t come out for a day. I only have two boats in the morning and evening. I spent 2 days and 1 night there, and the soldiers there are people who live near Seoul,

but they are people who come to the island far away to protect the country. Can’t I take a picture. I took it with that kind of mind

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