Korean action spy movie Gongjo review

Korean action spy movie Gongjo review

Hello, the movie to be recommended and reviewed today is ‘Gongjo’. Cooperation is a fierce action thriller that deals with the actions of South Korean and North Korean agents.

Hyun Bin and Yu Ha Jin are walking through the parking lot
Hyun Bin Yoo Hae-jin

Introduction to Gongjo

The director is also preparing for the release of’My Little Hero’ and then’Changgwang’, directed by Kim Sung-hoon. When ‘Gongjo’ was released, the timing of ‘The King’ and ‘The King’ matched. The media and most people’s predictions predicted the dominance of ‘The King’ starring Jung Woo-sung and Jo In-sung, but unexpectedly, Gongjo was striking, and the audience score was 7.8 million and 5.3 million.

Hae Jin Ha and Hyun Bin holding baseball bats

It seems that director Kim Sung-hoon’s solid directing and tight acting skills and the bouncing charm of the girl’s downtown Yoona seemed to captivate the audience.

Girls' Generation's Yoona Lim wearing sweats

The movie ‘Gongjo’ won the Best Action Film Award at the 21st Fantasia International Film Festival, the Brand of the Year Award in the Movie Category hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum, Joo-Hyuk Kim, the Best Supporting Actor Award in the Film Category at the 1st The Seoul Awards, and Yoona Yoon, the 1st The Seoul Awards Popularity Award Was awarded.

Story of Gongjo

“Im Cheol-ryeong” (Hyunbin), a North Korean detective from an elite special force who lost his wife and colleagues during the operation by an internal organization trying to steal the secretly produced counterfeit copper plate. North Korea, which has to find the copper plate, requests the first inter-Korean cooperation investigation in history in order to capture the leader of the organization lurking in South Korea, Ki-Sung Cha (Kim Joo-hyuk), and dispatches Cheolyeong to Seoul as the right person.

Hyunbin and Lee Dong-hui are running

Meanwhile, South Korea, who is suspicious of North Korea’s intent, first plans an operation to capture the next castle, and orders a livelihood detective “Kang Jin-tae” (Yoo Hae-jin), who is being suspended from being suspended, to closely monitor Cheol-yeong, disguised as a co-operation investigation.

Hyunbin is aiming a pistol

Cheol-yeong must complete the mission and Jintae must block the mission. The time given to them is only 3 days, and the unpredictable co-operation investigation of the North and South detectives who cannot be a team begins.

Kim Joo-hyuk smokes a cigarette in a movie Gongjo
Kim Joo-hyuk

Gongjo short review

When I watched the movie ‘Gongjo’, I thought of director Jang Hoon’s’Brother’ and format. The joint cooperation between the North Korean and South Korean criminals, the inevitable doubts and conflicts that arise between them, and compassion and recognition arise between the two, eventually becoming one side as the audience wishes. When the audience sees this film, they naturally feel that they wish that South Koreans and North Koreans would become one team, and the director satisfies the audience’s desires.

Kim Joo-hyuk looking at the other person

The biggest advantage of ‘Gongjo’ is that it directs the obvious story in a non-obvious way. It wasn’t boring throughout the watch, but it was urgent and the action was fun. Also, in the middle of the movie, it seems that there was no time for the movie to be much more fun and boring as the movie progressed while giving the audience a chance to breathe with Yoona’s popping charm. If you want to see the splendid action of the two agents from South Korea and North Korea, I recommend the movie ‘Gongjo’.

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Gongjo trailer

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