Korean food chapaguri recipe from movie ‘PARASITE’

Korean food chapaguri recipe from movie ‘PARASITE’

Hello everyone Today, I will tell you the recipe for jjapaguri, one of the Korean ramen noodles, in an easy way. jjapaguri is famous for the food from the movie ‘Parasite’. It is a famous food in Korea, and it is known that many people eat jjapaguri through movie ‘Parasite’.


1 jjapaghetti,

1 neoguri

(1 chapaghetti powder soup, 2/3 of neoguri powder soup)

beef, water 550ml

First, pour 550ml of water into a pot and boil it.

And put all the vegetable flakes in the chapaghetti and neoguri.

When the water starts to boil slowly, add powdered soup to the noodles. At this time, add all the powdered soup of chapaghetti and only 2/3 or half of the powdered soup of neoguri, depending on your taste.

And stir so that the noodles are well cooked and loosen so that the powdered soup does not clump

When the noodles are cooked to a certain extent, lower the intensity of the fire to the middle. Slowly boil the broth and adjust the intensity of the fire. After that, you can add the oil in the jjapaghetti. If you want a more unique scent, we also recommend olive oil or truffle oil!

Then, grill the beef in a frying pan. It is recommended to well done beef in the chapaguri rather than rare.

After roasting the beef, put it on chapaguri and it’s done! It took about 20 minutes to cook. If you follow the recipe, you can easily enjoy the beef chapaguri from the movie Parasite.

Usually, when eating chapaguri, it is eaten without beef, but eating with beef is a very special case as in the movie. Normally, just eat chapaguri, but when you want to something new, try it with beef.

It’s over, enjoy!

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