Korean funny Movie Luck key recommendation review

Korean funny Movie Luck key recommendation review

Hello Today, the movie to be recommended and reviewed is ‘Luck key’. It is the work of director Lee Gye-byeok, and is the first solo starring actor Hae-Jin Yu.

Actor in the movie ‘Luck key’

Hae Jin Yoo, Jun Lee, Yoon Hee Jo, Ji Yeon Lim, Han Cheol Jo

Introducing Lucky Movie

At first, there was a lot of concern as it was the sole lead work of Mr. Hae-Jin Yoo. I was also a little worried. It was expected that he would perform good acting as a luxury supporting actor, but it was questionable whether he would be able to achieve good grades as a solo lead. The result mobilized a total of 6.9 million people and made a huge hit.

luck-key actor Hae Jin Yoo
Movie Luck-key

I also watched at the movie theater with my acquaintances, and there was no movie to follow Luck key at that time. The sensibility and courage of the director and production company who chose Hae-Jin Yoo and believed in it seems to shine. Also, won the Audience Award at the 15th Florence Korean Film Festival.

Scene where Yu Hae Jin is healed
A scene of lucky movie

Hyungwook, the perfect killer with a 100% success rate, is transformed into an unknown actor because of the bathroom key! Hyung-wook (Yoo Hae-jin), a grim killer, falls by stepping on soap in a bathhouse that accidentally stops by after handling the incident, and loses his memories of his past.

In the play, the character Hyung-wook cuts a sword
Character Hyungwook

Jaesung (Lee Jun), an unknown actor who decides to die because of neither popularity nor the will to live, sees Hyung-wook like that in a bathhouse to organize his personal affairs, and changes his and his bath keys to escape. Since then, Hyungwook thinks that he is Jaesung and tries to succeed as an actor… An extraordinary opportunity that has only come to life once! What will happen to the super-express reversal?

Movie Luck-key review

‘Lucky’ starts with a laugh from the beginning of the movie. The OST,’The Man Who Approached Like a Storm’ plays, and you can see the killer, Hyung-wook. Hyungwook’s appearance alone emits a tremendous force, and the audience is captivated by Hyungwook. After completing his job as a killer, Hyung-wook reads his memory by hurting his head due to the ridiculous feast of soap that fell to the ground in a public bath. Hyung-wook, who is conscious of his consciousness, reads his memory of being a super killer, is loaded with wealth, and mistaken himself for being a wealthy. After that, the two people live a different life.

The picture that Jo Yoon-hee is surprised

The part I want to pick up as a point through this movie is Hyungwook’s attitude after his body changes. Of course, there may be parts where he has to adapt to his situation, which he was forced to face due to amnesia, but Hyung-wook does his best in the given situation and life. When he discovers a talent for handling knives, he tries to make delicious and beautiful food with it, and works hard to become an actor when he finds out that the actor was a dream when he lost his memory. Hyungwook’s attitude like that makes me feel that I will be a person who will succeed no matter what.

The appearance of Jun Lee in the play

Hyung-wook lives a positive life in his changed life and after regaining his memories afterward, adapting well to his life in the past and his life in the present and in harmony. In fact,’Luck key’ is a pleasant and fun welcome, but seeing Hyung-wook’s life, I feel ashamed for nothing. No matter how hard I try, the reality that doesn’t get better is frustrating and difficult. That’s why excuses that I didn’t do seem to go back and forth.

Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Jun in the hospital
Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Jun

In fact, there is nothing to watch this movie as heavy as my review. It is a movie that makes a lot of laughter just by looking at it and takes a break from one tempo. Personally, I hope there will be a lot of movies where actors like Hae-Jin Hae have a lot of lead roles and get a lot of good grades like this. It would be nice if you chose’Lucky’ for laughter when you are down. I will finish the movie recommendation and movie review for the movie ‘Luck key’.

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Movie Luck key Trailer

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