Korean History movie

Korean History movie

Hello Today, I will review and post a movie about the movie . is a work by director Lee Jun-ik, a master of historical drama, and it became a hot topic for casting Song Kang-ho and Yoo-in Yoo from the production stage. As a result, a well-made historical drama was created, and it received great reviews from many aspects of the historical drama.

Throughout his reign, Yeongjo, suffering from controversy over the legitimacy of succession to the throne, makes ceaseless efforts to become a king with no shortage of academics and manners. His dear son Sejaman, who was acquired late, hoped to become a king who is recognized by everyone, but is disappointed by the prince who contradicts expectations. “From when did you think of me as a prince, and again as a child!”

The son who became the joy of his father with his extraordinary intelligence in his childhood. Unlike his father, the apostle is a son who is perfect in art and martial arts. He wanted to become the crown prince, but he became increasingly resentful of his father, who doesn’t know his sincerity and only pushes him down. Meeting as a king and prince, the fate of failing to connect the father and son, the most tragic family history in history begins.

overwhelms the audience from the beginning of the film. The scene where actor Jung Hae-gyun comes out in the role of So Kyung-bak-soo and plays the blind and sings the blind man overwhelms the audience. The Prince Apostle draws a sword in his place and goes outside, expressing his anger. Since Yeongjo suffered a controversy over legitimacy throughout the king’s reign, his late son, Prince Apostle, hoped that he would not suffer the hardships and reproach he had suffered.

The Apostle Crown Prince received a censure from his childhood and studied a lot to prepare to become a king, but he did not fit well with the Apostle Crown Prince. Contrary to the wish of King Yeongjo, Prince Sado showed a lot of interest in martial arts and arts rather than focusing on academics, and focused on martial arts. Unlike Yeongjo’s wishes, Yeongjo was worried about the growing prince of Sado.

Yeongjo wanted to treat Prince Apostle warmly, but he ruled strictly rather than expressing love to Crown Prince Apostle due to the attention of the ministers and pressure on the succession of the king. Queen Insoo and Youngbin regret the appearance. As King Yeongjo’s eyes continued to dislike the Apostolic Crown Prince and raised the ranks, Yeongjo confined the Apostolic Crown Prince in the back of the size of a person.

In fact, the Noron powers deliberately inflate or exaggerate the affairs of the Apostolic Crown Prince, fearing that their position would be jeopardized if the prince influenced by Soron from an early age becomes king after Yeongjo. As such stories accumulate a lot, Yeongjo also becomes angry with Crown Prince Apostle and treats him emotionally. As the apostolic Crown Prince’s father, Yeongjo’s treatment of him gradually worsened, his stress reached the peak, and he began to act in a sense of ignorance, such as killing his court daughter and escaping the palace, and the confrontation and conflict between King Yeongjo and the Apostolic Crown Prince deepened.

His father, Yeongjo, treated the apostle prince as a king and father. However, it seems to me that the apostle Prince is treated as a king rather than his father. Had he expressed his love as a father and looked upon the Apostle Crown Prince with a warm heart, the relationship between the King and the Crown Prince, and the father and son would not have gone into a catastrophe.

Let’s finish reviewing and posting on the movie , hoping to enjoy the movie , where you can learn about the history while watching the well-made historical drama , which is made by studying history. I’ll do it.

When you look at overseas posters, it just says . In fact, the meaning of the name SA DO is the name of the meaning is Thinking ‘SA’, Moruning ‘DO’ . It is regrettable that the word THRONE alone contains the deep meaning of the SADO.

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