Korean Noir Movie A bittersweet life Review

Korean Noir Movie A bittersweet life Review

On a clear spring day, looking at the branches fluttering around in the wind, the disciple asked. “Teacher, is that a branch moving or the wind moving?” the teacher said with a smile, not even looking at what the pupil was pointing at. It’s not a branch, it’s not the wind, it’s your heart.

Hello, today’s movie review and recommendation is Sweet Life. I started with Lee Byung-hun’s narration in the first scene and wrote it down. It is the work of director Kim Ji-woon that Lee Byung-hun also said that it is the best work he has ever starred in. It is a work that produces numerous parody videos in each scene and receives favorable reviews from many people. I personally like this piece of work, and more.I enjoyed watching this movie because Lee Byung-hun acted so well. “Sweet Life” is based on Oscar: Piero Gherardi (dresser), Oscar nominations: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano, Brunello Rondi (screenplay), Piero Gherardi (art director), and the Cannes Film Festival: Federico.

A hotel’s sky lounge floating like an island in the center of Seoul. It is the small castle of Sunwoo (Lee Byung-hun), a cold-headed and smart perfectionist. He devoted seven years to winning the absolute trust of the boss instructor (Kim Young-chul) through his tacit loyalty and thorough handling of the matter without asking why, and taking charge of the management of the sky lounge.

Boss instructor who punishes those who break the rules regardless of the reason. He has a secret that he cannot tell others. Heesoo (Shin Min-ah), a young lover. The instructor, who is suspected of having another man, orders Sun-woo to monitor her and take care of her if it is true.
Sunwoo, who is raiding the scene where Heesoo and his boyfriend are together on the 3rd day since he started following Heesoo. However, at the last minute, he lets them go after an unknown hesitation. I believe it’s the best choice for everyone. However, this choice, which was only one moment, led Sunwoo to start an inevitable war against the entire organization that had become his new enemy.

Sunwoo gains the absolute trust of the instructor and rises to the position of number 2 in the organization. Sunwoo’s clean handling of the work is also shown in the first scene. After telling the bad customers who came under the direction of Mr. Baek (Hwang Jung-min) to leave, they lock the door and mercilessly hit them when they don’t leave even after giving them three seconds. Then, as if nothing had happened, I went up to the sky lounge and finished the work, sent the profits I earned that day to the instructor and left work. If this shrewd and hard-working Sun-woo is harsh, a harsh fate will be ordered.

At first, I didn’t know it was a harsh order. Check if the instructor’s lover Heesoo has a lover and if it’s right, deal with him. I checked and found a man he met secretly. Normally, Sunwoo would have handled things neatly as instructed by the instructor, but somehow he hesitated. Without anticipating what kind of aftermath the hesitation would bring. Being prepared not to appear again in front of Heesoo, Sunwoo separates Heesoo and Heesoo’s boyfriend.

As time goes by, the instructor finds out that Sunwoo didn’t take care of his work. As the instructor said earlier that he has lived in the organizational world until now and has become a strong man, anyone who breaks the rules will be punished regardless of the reason. The iron rule was also applied to Sunwoo. Sunwoo gets trampled on by the instructor. I wonder how Sunwoo can do this to me no matter how hard it is. For so many hours, he became upset and angry at himself, who barked and did everything he was told to do.

When there is a meeting between organizations, the instructor draws a church that is seen through the outside window, talks about the state of the organization with Sunwoo, and talks about the rules of the organization, and talks about Sunwoo as a sin offering. It’s a scene where the instructor and Sunwoo fight in a full-fledged battle.

We have a reason to look at why Sunwoo hesitated before then. This is Sunwoo who handled the work as the instructor ordered for a long time without any error. But why did he hesitate?

It’s because of Heesoo. After receiving instructions from the instructor, he stood by Hee-soo for a few days, and Sun-woo felt feelings of likes, likes, or love that he had never felt before. Sunwoo, who is cold-hearted about his feelings for the first time, breaks the instructor’s instructions. It was only my first time. It was just a short moment. However, the presence of Heesoo, which came to Sunwoo, brought all of it to the ground. Sunwoo passed his last meeting with Heesoo like a flashlight.It’s so low-pitched. That’s too harsh.

The price of the short emotion that came to Sunwoo was very harsh. Besides the parody scenes, “Sweet Life” has a lot of famous lines. As a representative example, the instructor’s you humiliated me, and then a lot of parody videos were made. Also, in the final confrontation between Sunwoo and the instructor, the instructor recommends that Sunwoo be conciliatory, but Sunwoo does what he does by saying, “That doesn’t mean we can’t undo it.” In the action scene with Lee Byung-hun, Baek Sa-jang said, “Life is pain. Didn’t you know?” Life seems to be more concerned and suffering than happiness. What do you think?

We looked into the movie Sweet Life. Like the first scene, I’m going to end the last scene with Lee Byung-hun’s narration in the movie.

One deep autumn night, a disciple who woke up was crying. The teacher, who saw the scene, found it strange and asked his student. ‘Did you have a scary dream?’ ‘No.’ “Did you have a sad dream?” “No, I had a sweet dream.” “But why are you crying so sad?” the pupil said softly, wiping away the tears. “Because that dream cannot come true.”

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