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Today I am going to review the movie . Wargnac is a famous movie, and despite being a 1967 work, it is still being talked about a lot. When I watched , I felt that I made it as well as the recently released movie, and it was a movie that gave me a lot of thought.

Film graduation comes home from the typical Southern California middle class in the United States in the ’60s and 21-year-old Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), a schoolboy, freshly graduated from eastern college. Mrs. Benjamin, who was widely welcomed by his parents and friends, was thoughtful and shy, and filled with anxiety about what to do and what to do at the entrance to life, and an uncertain future. Mrs. I fall for the physical temptation of Mrs. Robinson (Anne Vancroft).

Elaine Robinson’s daughter Elaine (played by Catherine Ross), who was just a local college student, returns, and Mrs. Robinson’s husband invites Benjamin to date her Elaine without knowing the relationship between the two. As Benjamin and Elaine get closer together, Mrs Robinson, blinded by her jealousy, exposes her daughter to Benjamin’s affair with her, falsely confessing that this was all because of Benjamin’s coercion.

Elaine believes in her mother’s words and, with her despair and anger, she returns to school. Benjamin chases her to Elaine’s school, but with Mrs Robinson’s endless disturbing duke, Elaine only reacts to her cold, and she eventually decides to marry another man. Upon hearing the news of Elaine’s marriage, Benjamin has a purpose for himself, and he realizes what he needs to do, and for the first time in his life, he begins to act for himself. Benjamin eventually enters the wedding hall and runs away with his beloved woman at his last minute.

The overall content of the movie is like this. As you can see if you watch the movie, most of the gaze in the movie is treated as Benjamin’s gaze. The audience can naturally identify with Benjamin and recall the times when they were wandering and insecure. As such, it seems that a person is struggling to find happiness even a little in the midst of many conflicts and pains of choices that a person grows and experiences in order to live his life.

It’s a pity to see Benjamin in the movie. He scolds him, just graduating from college, that his family just has to go along the way. Older generations talk about life as if having a good house, a good car, and a good job is everything in life. (Of course it is important, but for Benjamin, value worries and self-establishment will come first.) Use it to satisfy your desires.

Going to the end of the film, Benjamin will end up doing what he wants to do after Benjamin has gone through a lot of humiliation with the world and adults. That is to love Elaine and her. However, Elaine was already scheduled to have a wedding with her other man. Benjamin is his first to move to the sound of his own mind. He heads to the wedding venue, but the place is also hard to find and the car breaks down on the way. Benjamin runs. He runs and runs again.

Eventually Benjamin arrives at his wedding venue and with all his might he leaves with Elaine. He then gets on the bus and he sits in the back seat. The two laugh at each other, but soon, the expressions of Benjamin and Elaine become bitter along with the bitter expressions of the bus passengers. Maybe in the movie,’Youth! Would the world really be good if you do what you want?’ I felt like I was saying that from the eyes of adults. Of course, some are correct. As I experience the world little by little, I can’t ignore the thoughts and wisdom of adults. But I want to ask again. Don’t imprison youth in the boundaries of your thoughts and experiences.

Finally, Benjamin’s first line, consoling all the youth, concludes the posting.

“I wish it would be better in the future. Anything.”

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