Why is Netflix Kingdom Ashinjeon expected in 2021?

Why is Netflix Kingdom Ashinjeon expected in 2021?

It is expected that Kingdom: Ashinjeon, the side story of the Netflix topical drama Kingdom, will be released in 2021. Currently, director Kim Seong-hoon said that the filming of the Kingdom: Ashinjeon is finished and that he is currently working on post-production, and he said he expects to see it within this year. Kingdom is a Korean-style zombie drama showing off a different charm from the existing zombie. Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 are already getting a lot of love.

Kingdom Ashinjeon Introduction

A reporter asked Kim Eun-hee, the author of Kingdom, why he wrote the special episode Ashinjeon, not Season 3. Eunhee Kim is one of the main characters in the Kingdom series, Ashin. She also said that she was planning a special episode because the secrets of Raw silk are so important to her in a Kingdom series.

Jeon Ji-hyun, wearing a hooded hood, kicking a bow and watching the setting sun

Also, Kingdom director Kim Seong-hoon said that if Kingdom is the beginning, this Kingdom: Ashinjeon will serve as a middle bridge and will be a stepping line to go beyond Kingdom 3 and beyond. These words raise expectations that the production of the Kingdom sequel can continue.

Meanwhile, the special episode’Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ of the’Kingdom’ series depicts the story of’Ashin’, the successor of the Northern Rujin tribe and the secret of Raw silk. Jeon Ji-hyun, who appeared in the ending of’Kingdom’ season 2 and aroused a lot of attention, is going to continue the story everyone was curious about. Park Byeong-eun, who left a strong impression in the role of Eo Young Captain Min Chi-rok, also appears.

Kingdom director and author’s words

In the first unveiled’Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ still, Jeon Ji-hyun is wearing a hood and showing an unknown expression on the desolate land. In another photo, Ji-Hyun Jin is looking away from the roof. Kim Eun-hee pointed out, “As you can see from things like costumes, they are descendants of the Rujin tribe living in the northernmost part of Joseon, near the Yalu River. You can think of them as the person who is closest to the secret of life and death.”

Kingdom writer Eunhee Kim is interviewing while holding a microphone

Director Kim said, “Aren’t you the actor who has been loved the most in the past 20 years? When we first filmed in Jeju Island, we showed why this person has been loved the most for 20 years, and we realized. The charm is likely to be shown through’Kingdom: Ashinjeon’.” “He said. He also told about the filming with Park Byung-eun, who appeared as Minchi-rock in season 2. Director Kim boasted of Park Byeong-eun, who usually enjoys fishing, saying, “With his stamina and concentration trained in fishing, he skillfully accomplished the tough scenes in this work.’Kingdom: Ashinjeon’ shined.”

Kingdom Ashinjeon Cast

The actors cast in the Kingdom Ashinjeon known to date are Jeon Ji-hyun, and Park Byeong-eun, who played the role of Min Chi-rok in Season 2, and Koo Kyo-Hwan. Ju Ji-hoon, who played the role of Chang Lee in Kingdom, is known to not join in this episode.

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Kingdom Ashinjeon trailer

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