Netflix  “Sweet Home” Song Kang behind cut

Netflix “Sweet Home” Song Kang behind cut

The behind-the-scenes cut of “Sweet Home” Song Kang was revealed.

The behind-the-scenes cut of Song Kang, the protagonist of the Netflix original series “Sweet Home,” has been released and is drawing attention. Song Kang, who played the role of Cha Hyun-su, a reclusive, lonely man in’Sweet Home’, is receiving hot attention day by day by showing a 180 degree different acting transformation from his previous image.

In particular, because he was the one who sniped at women’s hearts with dazzling visuals through his previous works, the unconventional image and acting transformation shown in this’Sweet Home’ steals the hearts of viewers, both men and women, and is raising more expectations.

“Sweet Home” Between Songgang, Songgang and Cha Hyunsu
The unveiled behind-the-scenes cut contains Song Kang’s passion for acting countless times for this work and character. The reminiscence scene of Cha Hyun-soo, who gathered the curiosity of many people, and the appearance of not leaving the script even during breaks proves the unexpected rise of Songgang, which is rapidly soaring into the’sweet home’.

“Sweet Home” Between Songgang, Songgang and Cha Hyunsu
First of all, the appearance of him focusing on the script with his sincere eyes and expressions in the hectic shooting site attracts attention. Everything from clothing, props, and surroundings is the same as the work, but Song Kang, who is enthusiastic about the script, has a deep aura as an actor who is completely different from Cha Hyun-soo. After that, the appearance of monitoring his acting is also a part of the passion for acting that he constantly thought about expressing his character.

“Sweet Home” Between Songgang, Songgang and Cha Hyunsu
On the other hand, the cut behind the scenes from Hyunsoo’s high school reminiscences evokes another admiration. Even in the same school uniform, the delicate expression of emotions and eyes were used to depict an atmosphere contrary to the previous work, “If you like it, it will ring.” Hyeonsu’s painful school days, completed with Songgang, resonate with viewers with only the cut behind it. It is expected that Song Kang’s activities in 2021, who showed her perfect visuals and more mature acting through’Sweet Home’.

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