Soybean paste stew recipe

Soybean paste stew recipe

Today, we will look at how to make Soybean paste stew, a traditional Korean food. Soybean paste stew is an attractive stew with a spicy taste. Koreans usually eat rice and stew or soup together, which is why they eat it often.

Soybean paste stew photo

Soybean paste stew ingredients

The ingredients are simple. The most important miso is needed first. Among the miso, it is recommended to purchase traditional miso.

Traditional miso, seafood kelp, tofu, spicy pepper, mushrooms, green pumpkin, green onion, red pepper powder, Garlic and potatoes.

Soybean paste stew Cooking order

Slice the radish with a scoop of miso, add the water and boil. If you want to taste the anchovy, you can add anchovy, and if you want to taste the meat, add the meat and season it. The miso base is different, but I made it simply with anchovy seafood broth.

Photo of adding broth to boiling water

And make a soup with about 2 tablespoons of miso paste

Scoop the miso with a spoon
dissolve it in water
Soybean paste added

Next, chop the mushrooms, potatoes, spicy peppers, green onions, and zucchini, which are the ingredients to go into. Cut the tofu into pieces that are easy to eat.

Soybean paste stew ingredients: mushroom, spicy pepper, tofu, potato, zucchini care
Soybean paste stew ingredients

If it’s a tip, chop the tofu in advance and soak it in water. Soaking and draining the tofu in water will prevent the broth from becoming cloudy.

Soybean paste stew boiling
Soybean paste stew

I put the sliced vegetables and a little red pepper powder. It is enough to add a handful of vegetables. Then add a tablespoon of garlic.

Putting red pepper powder in Soybean paste stew
Soybean paste stew add red pepper

If you have clams in your house, you can boil them more until the clams open at the end. If you taste it in the middle, and if it tastes bad, just add a little sugar. Then the delicious miso is completed.

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