3 Reasons Why Yun Yeo-jung’s Academy Awards Are Amazing

3 Reasons Why Yun Yeo-jung’s Academy Awards Are Amazing

Yoon Yeo-jung, who appeared in the movie’Minari’ at the 93rd Academy Awards, won the Best Supporting Actor Award. She was the first Korean actor to be nominated for an Academy Actor Award and was immediately awarded. Let’s see why the Academy Awards Yoon Yeo-jung is so amazing.

Academy Award Nominations

The candidates for the Academy Awards were the first to be incredibly competitive opponents. Olivia Coleman from the movie’The Father’, Glenn Close from’Hillville’s Song’, Amanda Seyfried from’Mank’, Maria Bacalova from’Borat 2’competed and won the Best Supporting Actress Award.

Yoon Yeo-jung holding a trophy
Yoon Yeo-jung Academy Award

Glenn Clos, who was nominated for appearing in Hill Villa’s song movie, was nominated for the Academy Awards eight times, but this time, Yun Yeo-jung did not receive the Best Supporting ACTRESS Award.

The actors who won the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress include Tilda Swinton, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Connelly, and Kate Blanchett. Yoon Yeo-jung’s award for her supporting actress this time is a glorious award given to films and actors who have made such an impact around the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar

No one knows the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an actor with a reputation for having excellent looks, appearance, and acting skills, and excellent eyes to see works. Leonardo DiCaprio, such a world-renowned actor, also won the Best Actor Award for the first time in a few decades of his acting career, for the first time in his acting career,’The Revenant from The Revenant’s Death’.

Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Award

Leonardo DiCaprio had a total of 4 eliminations before winning the Oscars. ‘Gilbert Grape’ at the 66th awards ceremony,’The Aviator’ at the 77th awards ceremony,’Blood Diamond’ at the 79th awards ceremony, and’The Wolf of Wall Street’ at the 86th awards ceremony. I didn’t get an award. As such, the Oscars are a high-gate film awards ceremony that is difficult for Leonardo DiCaprio to win.

Korea’s First Actor Award

You will remember that the new history of the Academy Awards was written last year through the 2020 film’Parasite’ by director Bong Joon-ho. But even then, he didn’t win the Actor Award. Actor Song Kang-ho, Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Sun-gyun, Lee Jung-eun, and Park Myung-hoon, who appeared in Parasite, performed hot roles, but there was no performance award.

A picture of Director Bong Joon-ho sitting on the trophy
Awarded Parasite Academy Award

At the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020, Film Parasite won Best Works, Director Awards, Screenplay Awards, and International Feature Film Awards. Just being nominated was amazing, but the awards were sweeping and it was a surprise. This time, as Yun Yeo-jung won the Actor Award, who was unable to overcome the parasite, the first Korean actor to be nominated for acting and even received an award.

Yun Yeo-jung Academy Awards

Yun Yeo-jung has since been a hot topic because she talks witty and honest about her awards and even shows her modest appearance. Below is the full text of Yoon Yeo-jung’s Academy Awards.

Brad Pitt and Yoon Yeo-jung at the Academy Awards Ceremony
Yoon Yeo-jeong Academy Awards

Yun Yeo-jung has since been a hot topic because she talks witty and honest about her awards, and also shows her humble appearance. Below is the full text of Yoon Yeo-jeong Academy Awards.

Brad Pitt, finally we met. Where were you when we filmed? It’s really an honor to meet you.

As you know, I am from Korea and my name is Yeojung Yoon. Most of the Europeans call me’Yeoyoung’ or’Yoojung’, but I will forgive all of you for today. I live on the other side of the globe, so the Oscars were like an event or TV program I watched on TV, but I can’t believe I came in person.

Wait. I’ll clear up my mind and calm down a bit. Thank you very much to the academy members who voted for me. And thank you to the wonderful family. Stephen Yeon, Isaac Jeong, Yeri Han, Jo Noel, and Alan Kim. We have become a family. Most of all, I would not have been here tonight without Director Jeong Isaac.

Isaac Jung was our captain and he was my coach. Thank you very much. Another person to thankā€¦ . I hate competition. How could I beat Glenn Claus’Hilville’s Song’? I have watched her movies countless times. All five nominations are winners in different films. We each played different roles. We cannot compete with each other.

I’m just a little more fortunate to be here today. I’m a little more fortunate than you. And maybe it’s a way Americans treat Korean actors. Anyway thank you. I want to say thank you to my two beloved sons as well. The children who made me work.

Dear sons, this is the result of my mother’s hard work. And I would like to dedicate this award to my first director, Ki-Young Kim. He was a very genius, and I made my debut with him. If you were alive, you would have been very happy. Thank you so much to everyone.

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